Edith Widder: The weird and wonderful world of bioluminescence

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AutorPLEASE turn down the colume of the intro... its WAY too loud. Been that way forever.. dont you TED people notice ? lol
Autor: Silverado_Denmark
Autor: Ralf Schniebs
AutorHahah, that contemplative squid was so silly!
Autor: lollypop36
AutorI greatly dislike the sound effects in the video clips. Space and the deep ocean are similar in that both are largely unexplored, but the similarities quickly disappear as you compare more qualities. Anyway, the talk was fascinating. Keep up the good work TED.
Autor: Tyler Donoho
AutorWow!! I can see why it would be addictive! Amazing!
Autor: Shelllirae
AutorThis portion of marine biology always reminds me of the latest movie 'Monsters'. J.Hopkins sountrack was well collaborated to add to the alien's awesome presence in the movie. Great movie, and a great subject. :)
Autor: theFjords
Autorelectronic jellyfish = epic sea troll
Autor: cloudchronicle
Autor: Th3CrimsnChin
AutorSarah Wyatt (Period 5) Edith Widder: The weird and wonderful world of bioluminescence Video I learned a lot in this video about the bioluminscent creatures that inhabit the depths of the sea. I was farely unaware of these creatures but learned that many use light as a means of protection against predators that either works in scaring them or doesn't, uncovering them from safety. A question I have is how is it exactly that these creatures produce light?
Autor: s wyatt
Autorway she goes.
Autor: bob
Autor@AgentWD400 Quiet you. Pew pew pew pew.
Autor: hughtub
AutorBeautiful and totally amazing :D im so curious and have always been about the creature in the water like the amazing octopus that changes shape and now this just amazing thank you TED
Autor: firux man
AutorMaybe if I come in at a different angle? Hahahahaha!
Autor: Bfavrestarr415
AutorPlease turn down the volume in the opening, TED. Thank you.
Autor: lovingboarding
AutorEdith Widder is hot...
Autor: CrispyClaire
Autor@braap02 no it was new
Autor: roidroid
Autor@Greenlightandgo Sorry Volume.
Autor: Silverado_Denmark
Autor" you can defend yourself with light"
Autor: Porter Charles
AutorThis is old.
Autor: phatpat63
AutorYou are absolutely right. However, for a 30 years research? I expect some more developed theories.
Autor: smby
Autor@ziomorph Pshhhh... I think light is sexy as all hell.
Autor: Tori Stellar the Storyteller
Autorthat music "tootootootootootootootootootootoo"
Autor: RasdenFasden
Autorthe lights are visible thoughts traveling on the nerves of these creatures.
Autor: Himadri Mukherjee
AutorSydney Sandor,The weird and wonderful world of bioluminescence Video; I found this video very interesting.It reminded me of Blue (the planet earth for the the ocean)I learnt that most underwater animals produce bio-luminescence and that they use it almost like a burglar alarm.My favorite part was looking at the shrimp because the color made was pretty.A question that I have is how does the bio-luminescence transfer to you when you brush against it (the golden coral).This is my favorite one yet!
Autor: Sydney Sandor
Autorwhy can't i full screen?!
Autor: Felicia108
Autor@ziomorph actually what she said was accurate. subjective to the prawns.
Autor: roidroid
Autor: Roisin Dunne
AutorThat squid was so cute!
Autor: Emilia Selmosson
Autor@SilveradoDudeDk i just have a habit of muting all TED talks, until after the "brought to you by" message. Then hovering over the mute button as it gets near to finishing.
Autor: roidroid
AutorI'm pretty sure Cuttlefish plan on taking over the world.
Autor: elsquibbs
AutorShark is like OMMM OM NOM NOM OMMM
Autor: Mark Arandjus
Autor3:47, Demi Moore on the back?
Autor: fookiemonster
Autor@SilveradoDudeDk It's really not that bad, if that part is damaging your ears, the other parts are too even if you don't notice. Turn down your own volume.
Autor: ORION
AutorThis would be why nature is the best thing on the planet.
Autor: Tiarnan Gallagher
AutorREPOST. C'mon TED, get new material.
Autor: braap02
Autor"personally I think its something sexy" worst presenter nominee
Autor: C Gungor
AutorThis is amazing. Right now I'm studying bioluminescence, and I had to watch this for homework. I also went to an awesome bioluminescent bay, and saw tons of amazing bioluminescent creatures.
Autor: shea
Autorthe deap sea version of Avatar
Autor: Vacation Cliff
Autordidnt want it to end
Autor: VideoNewZ9
AutorIf I'm not mistaken some of them (some) don't "produce" light, but when the submarine lights them up, they give out those colors because of what they are made. Do some research yourself, maybe I'm wrong :$
Autor: Melvinyoriel
Autor: Lodewijk Abrahams
AutorAliens among us.
Autor: huyked
Autorpimp my ride... i mean fish...
Autor: Nes Suaco
AutorIF many stars falls down frome heaven directly into an halve-potantial on-active-vulcano than life status ends insdes of a couple of hours....4manny 2fast4feeling sorry2 ;1&'n'other sexappel rimbourses....
Autor: Lodewijk Abrahams
AutorAwesome talk
Autor: AVS70
Autoritz probably a squid
Autor: wowser lowser
AutorTED GO HD!!!
Autor: Darius Emrich
AutorPurely fascinating and presented very well - thanks a million for sharing :)
Autor: Ilva Leinich
AutorIn regard to the sea pen, wouldn't the light move from one end to the other so that a predator would follow the light, allowing the pen to propel itself in the opposite direction and elude said predator?
Autor: D'Mitri Agnes
Autor: luffyferal
Autor: Norman Garcia
Autorlike this comment for no reason plz
Autor: twerking wowbitch
AutorLuminescence for Survival..pfft....These creatures are obviously ravers;-) Why must we humans always impose our stupid victorian habits on nature, cant nature have features that have no purpose other than be a celebration of life??
Autor: veti
Autor@roidroid 'Edith Widder: Glowing life in an underwater world' is pretty much the same video.
Autor: braap02
Autor@derebin Screw the shark, that squid is now my best friend.
Autor: Yellow King
AutorBioluminescence is absolutely going to be a future trend in cosmetic surgery someday. I should get a patent.
Autor: fattyspat
Autor: vortex42studios
Autor@AgentWD400 yes
Autor: badcalculon
AutorI bet she smokes a LOT of really good weed while she does her "studies"...
Autor: clevername333
AutorI could listen to her talk about the ocean for hours. She has seriously been one of, if not THE, best Ted Talks ever. I agree with her -- deep-ocean trawling should be outlawed IMMEDIATELY. We can't afford to wipe everything down there out!
Thank you Edith for another awesome talk!
Autor: CanadianErin
Autor@smby All research starts with observation.
Autor: WhichDoctor1
Autor@cristoretornebiblia So what if there are dangerous species? Is that an example of a bad God? If so, you have no point.
Autor: Georgiy Slobodenyuk
AutorHave a VLC video in the backgruond while watching this and you get some very cool light effects, particularly when it looks at the audience.
Autor: OhManTFE
AutorAlways amazing even if we understand it or we don't! What are they saying?????
Autor: Judith Williams, Ph.D.
AutorSHANTI- I think it is very interesting in this video to see how many different animals can produce light! The part where the woman shows the video that they took in the bahamas is very cool because it shows them interacting. I found this video to be very entertaining because the presenter was very entertaining and made numerous jokes.
Autor: Vale Abbott
Autorfantastic, magnificent & precious earth
Autor: grasssmile
Autordon't worry, we can all be friends, except the guy who posts first... We never forget.
Autor: Gunny
Autor@smby I am not so sure. I think this takes time and I don't think it is easy to collect sufficient and coherent data in such an environment.
Autor: AntsanParcher
Autori wanna take u on a trip in ur fav ship
Autor: wowser lowser
AutorWhat happened to the first two?
Autor: lotanerve
Autorthe apprehensive squid was cuter than the Shark :D
Autor: Destro7000
Autor"It's a green saber.. of light" Couldn't you just say green lightsaber? :P
Autor: Zack Weaver
Autorfor a second i thought she is wearing the necklace from Titanic :D
Autor: ada sda
Autorfirst is the worst, BITCH
Autor: Gunny
Autor@vetiarvind What? No.
Autor: Martin Is a Madman
Autorlol alga
Autor: Nathaniel Zhu
Autor: sonicase
AutorAnyone here from "Only Lovers Left Alive?"
Autor: mega rouge
AutorIt's more like observation than research.
Autor: smby
Autor@Twistery927 *flash* problem? *flash*
Autor: Daneus05
AutorAnd the stars make love to te universe
Autor: Jonathan Daniel
Autoramazing ...nice job ..don't know the name of the nice lady that is talking , and don't have the time to search it now... but all respect and i hope this is just the beginning . Great job !
Autor: TeHashCe Thc
Autor: Jack
AutorC'est magnifique!
Autor: Ahmad
Autorawesome stuff
Autor: Ethnos Unlimited
Autor@SilveradoDudeDk what colume?
Autor: David
AutorI farted
Autor: Aziz Alawadhi
AutorThis was just awesome! I don't know why we know so little about our deep oceans and know so much about the outer space. And pressure isn't the answer.
Autor: Heverton Dutra
Autor project
Autor: wowser lowser
Autorwe have sent a robot to the bottom of the ocean floor to flash lights at creatures and they answer by light..? holy f*cking shit.
Autor: xjaskix
Autorlol...there is like 100 ted talks on bioluminescence...still interesting tough :) !
Autor: Hi Hypnos
AutorSqueeze the tip.
Autor: elsquibbs
AutorAnja Ceklic(Period 5) Edith Widder: The weird and wonderful world of bioluminescence Video.... I found this video so interesting! I did not want it to stop. I learned from the video that some animals like the single celled algae produces light to portoect and defend itself from predators. Through a fake light, when the light was shinning, a squid tried to attack the predator... but there was none. A question that I have is how do these organisms produce the light. I really enjoyed this video.
Autor: anja ceklic
Autor: Obani
Autorthere are also luminescent shrooms :)
Autor: Cancer Wave
AutorThere was another marine biologist that spoke about Bioluminescence about a year ago or something at TED. I was more impressed by the former video than this one.
Autor: FoxBatinaHat

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