Child abuse in Afghanistan- Muslims- Front line documentary(Bacha Bazi )PREVIEW

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Autorwell .. in islam its like its Okay to be bi .. i mean its in the muslim blood .. i know muslim friends who banged many guys and small kids front of me .. so just like in US we love a little virgin south carolina girl to open wide her pussy they likes it on small boys
Autor: Shelby902101
Autormuhammad's monsters at work.
Autor: Daffy B
AutorPedophile is sick retard animal.Save the boy.Why blame Islam?Save the boy.There are so many in this world.Fucking pedogay.
Autor: muhd
AutorChristians, Hindus and even Jews molest children, rape women and kill. It doesn't mean you blame the religion. U blame the person who does these horrific things. At the end of the day religion has nothing to do with this because nowadays people don't care about what religion they are. It all depends how a person has Been brought up. A person who is sick in the head mentally and physically would molest a child, good person will never do such thing
Autor: Mi YuNg
Autorsave these boys from being sold to these sick perverts. they make me sick they should be shot for the animals that they are. DON'T LET THESE PEOPLE IMMIGRATE to the western world we don't want there corruption here.
Autor: jose contreras
AutorWho invade Afghanistan in 2002,

Everyday americans abuses more than 100 child.
Autor: Zeeshan Alam
AutorOf course it is propaganda according to you since we, Americans, dare to show the world your deepest little secret. I know many muslims from different countries and yes many of them at one point of their lives have fucked with another men whether when they were kids or teenagers BUT YOU DON'T CALL IT HOMOSEXUALITY! Wasn't your prophete had a 9 year old wife? So much for pedophile! We should do like you do, keep every little secret BEHIND THE VEIL, Then everything will just look PERFECT!
Autor: gilgabe66
AutorThis makes me so sick ,This has nothing to do with islam,This is their culture,
Autor: azrausa
Autor@IslamicImperialism he did have vaginal penetration until she was 9, he was doing other stuff when she was 6
Autor: mycaddigo
AutorIslam is totally Against homosexuality . nd just because of the acts of stupid pedophiles u judge a Whole Religion... Dont talk about the Islam when u Don even know anything about it , ya media brainwashed litlle fag!!
Autor: Qomandan Badurak
AutorWTF are they bringing Islam up to this ? This is a hecka diff story using Islam thinking. It's a rule in Islam
Autor: xxyoungworldxx
AutorThat whom you enslave is the chain around your soul. May Jehovah rebuke you! May Allah look at you with disgust! May Buddha spit on your soul. May Mary Mother of God step on your head. I forgive you to let nature take care of its own monsters.
Autor: warinatube
AutorMen are completely controlled by their hormones and their dicks. It's so sad to think about all of the pain this causes.
Autor: rollertrain
AutorThe whole world needs to know of this
Autor: sherry A
AutorWe need to re-educate their people. Don't send soldiers, but educators. All our youth who graduate from college with LOANS that need them repaid but can't find a job can go to Afghanistan and educate their fucked up community.
Autor: NB Yaaj
AutorMaybe we should have let the Russians keep them, Yah I think that would have been sensable.
Autor: Peter Michalski
Autor: idak12
Autor: Ik Khan
Autor@IslamicImperialism You stupid This is not islam nothing to with islam at all Thi sis their culture their not muslim.
Autor: azrausa
AutorShit pedogay.
Autor: muhd
AutorThe reason the troops are still there is to prevent war from uprising again. Now a new mentallity must be made in young generations to not accept this pedophilia.
Autor: ThePrincessMoonbeam
Autortajkos culture
Autor: ProudMuslimBoy
AutorOH....How nice, but you are the first one when your dictators send the tanks unto the streets to kill you like wild dogs who quick to ask THE MIGHTY AMERICAN ARMY to come to save you from your own leaders. You are the one who needs to FUCK OFF & SHUT THE FUCK UP! Everyone uses propagandas for their own benefits for your own information Mr. Smart Ass! This is not about the Talibans or Aghanistan, this is about young boys being used sexually. You backward piece of shit. Primitive asshole!
Autor: gilgabe66
AutorAnd we are over there trying to bring them domocracy, forget it bring the troops home.
Autor: idak12
Autorthis act and calture is not part of islam ,and relegion all these ppl who are invaolve in such activities they are in barbaresim and darkness,they are killers,criminal of humenity,and all relegion,advising all who comments on this vedio do not blame on islam ,blame USSR,USA who always support these criminals,killers they have choosed northern allaince ,if you guys read quraan and study islam you will find reality.i am agree these activeties are a black spot, on our society,calture,customs,s
Autor: storayjan100
Autoryes it all does.
Autor: lifenane1
AutorThis ancient tradition is not secretly revived but was never publically seen or prosecuted as a crime. I was taken there in the early seventies when this was still a modernized and rich country and this practice trived there even then. Men from europe would take there wife on a holiday in afghanistan in stead of greece or italy or turkey because they could buy and sell kids and have a holiday while there wife was occupied with shopping.
Autor: ThePrincessMoonbeam
Autora disgusting garbage mudculture....utterly pathetic!
Autor: xerakis
AutorSo they sell their girls for money and their boys for money all for their sick molestation needs. I'd rather be poor, shelterless and hungry and have my whole family die then sell my children to the devils.
Autor: Precious Moments
Autor@islamiclmperialism. Shut your silly mouth and your false accusations when you don't no about Islam then u have no right stating such rubbish. G and do your research on Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him then come and write crap like this! You don't no nothing about Islam. It's the best religion in the whole world not poison of humanity! Molesting children is not just done in Islam, it is done around the world in different religions to different people.
Autor: Mi YuNg
AutorSo much hatred and bigotry. This is anything but Islamic... Making up shit is not going to change that. But lets not let facts get in the way of your delusional opinions.
Autor: mab999

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